When You (CEO) Should 'Pull the Sales Alarm'

By Mike Gomez

When listening to CEO's and business owners talk about some of the sales challenges they face I have found myself using the phrase "my sales alarm is ringing" to indicate that something they said wasn't
sitting all that well with me. I guess this is my equivalent to Spiderman's "Spidey senses" - a strong feeling that something is very wrong.

As a veteran salesperson ($10B), sales leader and consultant I thought it might be worthwhile to share what triggers my "sales alarm".  
If any of these applies to your business walk to the nearest alarm and pull it. You have a sales emergency that needs to be addressed right away.  If you don’t know why these should trigger an alarm, give us a call and we will explain why we think so and recommend what to do about it.
About the author: Mike Gomez is president and CEO of The Motum Group, a large complex sales advisory firm based in Atlanta, Ga. Mike has an accumulated sales record in excess of $10B. He has led and won multiple, international, large, complex sales campaigns for aerospace giants McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and Lockheed. The Motum Group combines deep experience and process to help clients in a wide spectrum of industries to assess and develop their large complex sales win strategy.

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